Across all borders

The unique scientific opportunities and challenges of particle physics inspire and motivate men and women of science from every corner of the globe. A shared scientific vision draws particle physicists of hundreds of nationalities and cultures together in large collaborations to work together on experiments and projects at the horizons of discovery. Because the scale and complexity of the tools of particle physics put them beyond the reach of any single nation or region, particle physics projects now take shape as international collaborations from the outset.

A simultaneous spirit of lively competition and true collaboration characterizes the worldwide particle physics community. Physicists devote intense effort, over many years, to making their experiment, their laboratory, their nation the first to announce a key discovery. At the same time, they team up with colleagues in competing experiments, at other laboratories in other nations, contributing their best efforts to success in advancing the science that is their common passion.

For decades, strong international collaborations have designed and built particle detectors for experiments in laboratories worldwide. Today, accelerator design and construction increasingly proceed as joint efforts as well.

These scientific collaborations take on added significance as beacons for free and open interaction among scientists of all nations. They offer an enduring model for international cooperation from a field long known for its leadership in peaceful collaboration across all borders.