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American Physical SocietyAPS Multi-Divisional Study of the Physics of Neutrinos

Sponsored by the American Physical Society Divisions of
Nuclear Physics
Particles and Fields
Physics of Beams

Structure of the Study 
Stuart Freedman, Boris Kayser

Organizing Committee
Janet Conrad, Guido Drexlin
Belen Gavela, Takaaki Kajita
Paul Langacker, Keith Olive
Bob Palmer, Georg Raffelt
Hamish Robertson, Stan Wojcicki
Lincoln Wolfenstein

Working Groups View of the sun as seen in neutrinos. (Credit: Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, Tokyo)
Solar and atmospheric neutrino experiments 
    (J. Bahcall, J. Klein )
Reactor neutrino experiments 
    (G. Barenboim, E. Blucher )
Superbeam experiments and development 
    (W. Marciano, D. Michael )
Neutrino factory and beta beam experiments and development 
    (S. Geer, M. Zisman )
Neutrinoless double beta decay and direct searches for neutrino mass 
    (S. Elliott, P. Vogel )
What cosmology/astrophysics and neutrino physics can teach each other  
    (S. Barwick , J. Beacom
Theoretical discussions
   (R. Mohapatra)
Final Report
"The Neutrino Matrix," the final report of the study

"Neutrino Odyssey", an educational pamphlet for non-experts.

Organizational meeting, December 2003
at Argonne National Laboratory

Final general meeting, June 28-30
in Snowmass, Colorado

Committees and Panels
DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee (NSAC) - Longe Range Plan, April 2002
High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP) - HEPAP Long Range Plan, January 2002

Useful documents

Reports prepared by the study

Neutrino Theory and Experiments are listed by the following topics

News and Images

Neutrinos in the News
Neutrino images from the Interactions.org Image Bank