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Quantum Universe: 
The Revolution in 21st-Century Physics
Bottom image: SUPERSTRINGS
A computerís graphical representation of multi-dimensional spacetime.
Credit: Jean-Francois Colonna

To discover what the universe is made of and how it works is the challenge of particle physics. Quantum Universe presents the quest to explain the universe in terms of quantum physics, which governs the behavior of the microscopic, subatomic world. It describes a revolution in particle physics and a quantum leap in our understanding of the mystery and beauty of the universe.

Nine interrelated questions define the path ahead.
1. Are there undiscovered principles of nature: new symmetries, new physical laws?
2. How can we solve the mystery of dark energy?
3. Are there extra dimensions of space?
4. Do all forces become one?
5. Why are there so many kinds of particles?
6. What is dark matter? How can we make it in the laboratory?
7. What are neutrinos telling us?
8. How did the universe come to be?
9. What happened to the antimatter?

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If you like to order a printed version of Quantum Universe, at no cost, please send a request to treend@fnal.gov.