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Interactions News Wire #60-08
11 August 2008  http://www.interactions.org
Source: CERN
Content: Press information
Date Issued: 11 August 2008

LHC synchronization test successful

The synchronization of the LHC's clockwise beam transfer system and the rest of CERN's accelerator chain was successfully achieved last weekend. Tests began on Friday 8 August when a single bunch of a few particles was taken down the transfer line from the SPS accelerator to the LHC. After a period of optimization, one bunch was kicked up from the transfer line into the LHC beam pipe and steered about 3 kilometres around the LHC itself on the first attempt. On Saturday, the test was repeated several times to optimize the transfer before the operations group handed the machine back for hardware commissioning to resume on Sunday. The anti-clockwise synchronization systems will be tested over the weekend of 22 August.


caption: Particles in the LHC. The yellow spot shows a bunch of a few particles arriving at point 3 of the LHC ring.

Journalists wishing to attend the start-up at CERN must follow the accreditation procedure available at http://www.cern.ch/lhc-first-beam before 20 August. Places are limited.

Contact information:
James Gillies