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Questions & Answers: Pier Oddone

In the first of an occasional series of exchanges, Fermilab Director Pier Oddone wrote a column for the 8 June issue of The CERN Bulletin. The CERN Bulletin provided a link for readers' questions. Here is the lone question for the director and his answer.

Date Posted: June 17, 2009

Q. I've been excited by the huge potential of the LHC. When is it going to start up and when will it be at full speed? For a casual physics fan, where can I get the best info and updates on the happenings at CERN and the progress the LHC makes?

A. Thanks for your message and for your interest in the LHC, an extraordinary international scientific adventure. There are a number of Web sites where you can track the progress of the LHC in something close to real time. From CERN, www.cern.ch, www.twitter.com/cern and www.youtube.com/cern provide up-to-date information and background. As you probably know, US scientists play key roles in LHC experiments and in the LHC start-up. You can read their stories at http://www.uslhc.us/.