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16-22 August 2009

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21 August 2009 - KEK
Belle Finds a Hint of New Physics in Extremely Rare B Decays

Quarks, the most fundamental constituents of matters, are classified into six species grouped into three generations as predicted by Professors Kobayashi and Maskawa. The purpose of the B factory experiment is to elucidate the fundamental laws of elementary particles by producing B mesons that contain the second heaviest quark. more...

Particle Physics in the Press

21 August 2009 - National Business Review
ET, phone Anzacs: NZ joins Australia in $3.1bn megascience bid

19 August 2009 -
Neutrinos on Display

19 August 2009 - Eureka! Science News
Major advance made in understanding the birth and early evolution of the universe

18 August 2009 - National Geographic
Dark Energy's Demise? New Theory Doesn't Use the Force

17 August 2009 - USA Today
Mystery solved: Dark energy isn't there

17 August 2009 - United Press International
Neutrino research project back on track

17 August 2009 -
'Big Wave' Theory Offers Alternative to Dark Energy

17 August 2009 -
In Search of Antimatter Galaxies

17 August 2009 - Washington Post
Blasting Neutrinos Under Wisconsin May Yield Big Payoff

16 August 2009 -
'Big crunch' or another 'Big Bang?'


ILC Newsline
20 August 2009

- Planning for the next steps
- Five years of cool
- Stimulus funds for SCRF at Fermilab

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