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3-9 January 2010

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8 January 2010 - STFC
Quantum leap for ISIS second target station

First published science results from new UK neutron source support Newton's ideas and quantum theory. Scientists have used the UK's newest major science facility to finally make the connection between the reflection of particles and waves as required by quantum mechanics.

5 January 2010 - BNL
Thomas Roser Named Chair of Brookhaven Lab's Collider-Accelerator Department

Thomas Roser, a senior physicist who joined the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1991, has been named chair of the Laboratory's Collider-Accelerator Department (C-AD), effective January 1, 2010. He replaces Derek Lowenstein, who served as C-AD chair for 27 years, and will continue to play key roles in the department.

Particle Physics in the Press

9 January 2010 -
Dark Matter and Dark Energy: New Results

9 January 2010 - Winnipeg Free Press
In search of God particles

8 January 2010 - EurekAlert
Neutrino data to flow in 2010; NOvA scientists tune design

8 January 2010 - Science Magazine (subscription)
The Next Big Beam?

7 January 2010 - The Week
The Big Bang machine

7 January 2010 - New Scientist
'Most beautiful' math structure appears in lab for first time

7 January 2010 -
Electronic Liquid Crystal States Discovered in Parent of Iron-Based Superconductor

7 January 2010 - Science News
Symmetry found hidden in supercold atoms

7 January 2010 - NPR
Dark Matter: 'What Is Essential Is Invisible'

7 January 2010 - (subscription)
Supernovae: A smashing success

7 January 2010 - Public Service
The grid to greatness

7 January 2010 - Computerworld Australia
Govt brews national cloud for science

7 January 2010 - NPR
Astronomers Map Dark Matter 'Beach Ball'

7 January 2010 - Space Daily
Split Personalities Of A Galactic Size

6 January 2010 -
Milky Way's halo more squished than spherical

6 January 2010 -
Astronomers Detect Cosmic 'Dark Energy' in Galaxies Nearest Earth

6 January 2010 -
Iowa State physicists beginning to see data from the Large Hadron Collider

6 January 2010 - BBC News
Dark matter 'beach ball' unveiled

6 January 2010 - ICT Results
The grid: a new way of doing science

5 January 2010 - Finance and Commerce
U of M to lease space near campus for neutrino detectors

5 January 2010 - NASA
Nature's Most Precise Clocks May Make "Galactic GPS" Possible

5 January 2010 -
Miniature galaxies-Hubble goes back 13.1 billion years

5 January 2010 -
New mathematical model aids Big Bang supercomputer research

5 January 2010 - Los Angeles Times
What will the Large Hadron Collider reveal?

5 January 2010 - Technology Review
The Case Of The Collider And The Great Black Hole

4 January 2010 -
Argonne streaming visualization sends images across the world

4 January 2010 -
Update on Scopes to Find ET


ILC Newsline

7 January 2010

  • From KEK: Cryomodule for "S1-global" arrived from Italy
  • Training the next generation of particle physicists
  • Reflections on the New Year
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