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21-27 November 2010

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26 November 2010 - CERN

LHC experiments bring new insight into primordial universe

After less than three weeks of heavy-ion running, the three experiments studying lead ion collisions at the LHC have already brought new insight into matter as it would have existed in the very first instants of the Universe's life.

25 November 2010 - ASPERA

Listening to whales with neutrino telescopes

Whales sing at the same wavelength as the neutrinos emitted by stars. This happy coincidence gave physicists the idea to share their undersea telescopes with marine biologists.

Particle Physics in the Press

27 November 2010 - Discovery News
In the Beginning, the Universe Was a Liquid

27 November 2010 - BBC News
Cosmos 'bears pre-Big Bang marks'

27 November 2010 - euronews
Major new breakthrough for CERN scientists

26 November 2010 - GenevaLunch
Quenching jets at Cern's LHC

26 November 2010 - CBC.ca
Large Hadron Collider detects 'Big Bang' matter

26 November 2010 - The Guardian
Firing a quark through the early universe

26 November 2010 - Ars Technica
Cosmology and Dark Energy revealed by geometry of galaxy pairs

26 November 2010 - PhysOrg.com
Large Hadron Collider experiments bring new insight into primordial universe

25 November 2010 - The Post and Courier
Nuclear triumph recalled

24 November 2010 - UPI
Physicists say early universe like liquid

24 November 2010 - MSNBC
10 science discoveries to be thankful for

24 November 2010 - New Scientist
Galactic illusion helps refine dark energy abundance

24 November 2010 - Science Magazine
Black Hole May Offer Clues to Extra Dimensions

24 November 2010 - Nature.com
Dark energy on firmer footing

24 November 2010 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
UW signs $34.5 million pact to run detector buried in Antarctic ice

24 November 2010 - Physicsworld.com
Neutrinos could detect secret fission reactors

23 November 2010 - PhysOrg.com
High magnetic fields coax new discoveries from topological insulators

23 November 2010 - PhysOrg.com
Early Universe was a liquid: First results from the Large Hadron Collider's ALICE experiment

23 November 2010 - Astronomy Magazine
Road trip: Fermilab National Laboratory

23 November 2010 - Ars Technica
Neutron stars may go completely strange thanks to dark matter

23 November 2010 - EurekAlert
Extending the life of oil reserves

22 November 2010 - io9
Watch the world's first dark energy detector take shape

22 November 2010 - Physics
Meet a superpartner at the LHC

22 November 2010 - New Scientist
Dark energy detector built before your eyes

22 November 2010 - Vancouver Sun
Finding rewrites part of Big Bang theory


ILC Newsline

24 November 2010

  • From Fermilab Today: Introducing the ICPA: The right tool for the right job
  • The future city of the ILC
  • The ILC-CLIC collaboration and technological challenges
ASPERA This Month

October 2010

  • Underground Laboratory of Canfranc is ready to go
  • Going through the next phase of H.E.S.S.
  • Will the sun reveal its dark side?
  • ISAPP: creating a real astroparticle community
Quantum Diaries