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12-18 December 2010

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17 December 2010 - CERN

CERN Council welcomes new candidates for Membership

Delegates attending the 157th session of the CERN Council today congratulated the laboratory on the LHC's successful first year of running, and looked forward to a bright future for basic science at CERN. Top of the agenda was the opening of CERN to new members.

Particle Physics in the Press

18 December 2010 -
Giant, frozen neutrino telescope completed

18 December 2010 - New Scientist
No black holes found at LHC - yet

18 December 2010 -
Funding cancelled for underground lab

17 December 2010 - National Science Foundation
NSF, University of Wisconsin-Madison Complete Construction of the World's Largest Neutrino Observatory

17 December 2010 - Discover Magazine
LHC's Lack of Black Holes Rules Out Some Versions of String Theory

17 December 2010 - Fox News
One of the World's Biggest Telescopes Is Buried Beneath the South Pole

17 December 2010 - Wired News
Missing Black Holes Cause Trouble for String Theory

17 December 2010 - Ars Technica
Theorists seek dark matter in hot neutron stars

17 December 2010 -
Collider creates no black holes

16 December 2010 - Ars Technica
LHC spots no black holes, eliminates some versions of string theory

16 December 2010 - Science Now
NSF Won't Build Underground Lab; Scientists Hope That DOE Will

16 December 2010 - io9
String theory fails first major experimental test

16 December 2010 - Stanford University News
Tiny 3-D images from Stanford and SLAC shed light on origin of Earth's core

14 December 2010 -
No black holes, but extra time at LHC

14 December 2010 - Popular Science
CERN May Give LHC an Extra Year to Pursue The Heated Hunt for the Higgs

13 December 2010 - The Engineer
Particle therapy comes of age

13 December 2010 - New Scientist
Higgs hunt may delay LHC's planned shutdown

13 December 2010 - Physics
A "Little Bang" arrives at the LHC

13 December 2010 - People's Daily Online
China's 1st deep underground lab now operational for dark matter


ILC Newsline

16 December 2010

  • SiD moving forward
  • Getting a vision of tunnels
  • Evolving the ILC baseline: single main linac tunnel
CERN Bulletin

13 December 2010

  • 2010 ion run: completed!
  • Foundations for the future
  • The latest from the LHC: a well-deserved break
  • Happy birthday n_TOF!
Quantum Diaries