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Particle Physics Photowalk

Photowalk Exhibits

Art enthusiasts around the world now have the opportunity to view photography exhibits from the 2010 Particle Physics Photowalk at these locations:

CERN in Geneva, Switzerland

Dates: February 11 - April 2
Location: CERN's Microcosm exhibition
Contact: Renilde Vanden Broeck, +41 22 767 2141, press.office@cern.ch

DESY in Hamburg, Germany

Exhibit information coming soon

Fermilab in Illinois, USA

Dates: February 11 - April 8
Location: Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall (by appointment only)
Contact: Georgia Schwender, +1-630-840-6825
Website: http://www.fnal.gov/pub/Art_Gallery/current_show/Reidar/index.html

KEK in Tsukuba, Japan

Dates: February 11 - early May
Location: KEK Communication Plaza Gallery
Contact Person: Youhei Morita
Website: http://www.kek.jp/ja/news/topics/2011/photowalk_tenji.html

TRIUMF in Vancouver, Canada

Dates: Opening February 21
Location: TRIUMF South Gallery, Main Lobby
Website: http://www.triumf.ca/photowalk

Each Photowalk exhibit includes the local winners from that particular laboratory's competition. All five Photowalk exhibits feature the two global winners, Mikey Enriquez' photograph of the 8Pi experiment at TRIUMF and Hans-Peter Hildebrandt's photograph of a wire chamber at DESY. To view more than 100 of the top photographs from the photowalk, including the global winners and finalists, visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/interactions_photos/collections/.