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16 December 2011 - Fermilab
Fermilab to Build Illinois Accelerator Research Center

A new accelerator research facility being built at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory will bolster Illinois' reputation as a technology hub and foster job creation.

16 December 2011 - CERN
Serbia set to become Associate Member State of CERN

At its 161st meeting at CERN today, the CERN Council unanimously voted to admit the Republic of Serbia to Associate Membership as the pre-stage to Membership of CERN.

15 December 2011 - CERN
European particle physics plots course for the future

CERN Council today announced an Open Symposium to be held on 10-13 September 2012 at Cracow, Poland for the purpose of updating the European Strategy for Particle Physics.

13 December 2011 - CERN
ATLAS and CMS experiments present Higgs search status

In a seminar held at CERN today, the ATLAS and CMS experiments presented the status of their searches for the Standard Model Higgs boson.

Particle Physics in the Press

17 December 2011 - Chicago Tribune
$20M going to Fermilab for new accelerator

17 December 2011 - International Business Times
God Particle: Search Window Narrowed, CERN Scientist Says

16 December 2011 - Chicago Sun-Times
Fermilab breaks ground on accelerator research center

16 December 2011 - NPR
Physicists Find 'Hints' of Elusive Higgs Boson

16 December 2011 -
Fermilab to Build Illinois Accelerator Research Center

15 December 2011 - The Economist
In praise of particle physics

14 December 2011 - Wall Street Journal
Physicists Close In on a Universal Puzzle

14 December 2011 - Christian Science Monitor
Elusive Higgs boson particle running out of hiding places

14 December 2011 - Popular Science
Building a Massive Neutrino Hunter Beneath the Mediterranean

14 December 2011 - Forbes
CERN Reports 'Hints' of Higgs Boson - But No Discovery Yet

14 December 2011 -
Physicists weigh up Higgs signals

14 December 2011 - Washington Post
Search for 'God particle' Higgs Boson narrowing, scientists say

14 December 2011 -
Particle physicists report 'intriguing hints' of Higgs Boson

14 December 2011 - Vancouver Sun
Light shines on 'God particle'

14 December 2011 - New York Times
Data Hints at Elusive Particle, but the Wait Continues

14 December 2011 - San Francisco Chronicle
Physicists see hints that Higgs boson exists

13 December 2011 - Wall Street Journal
Progress in Quest for Particle to Glue Physics Together

13 December 2011 - New York Times
'Tantalizing Hints' but No Direct Proof in Particle Search

13 December 2011 - Chicago Sun-Times
CERN closing in on 'God particle'

13 December 2011 - Reuters
Scientists find signs of missing 'god particle'

13 December 2011 -
Detectors home in on Higgs boson

13 December 2011 - BBC News
LHC: Higgs boson 'may have been glimpsed'

13 December 2011 - Engadget
CERN: 'Don't believe the Higgs-Boson hype'

13 December 2011 -
The Higgs boson and the LHC: at last, a clue to the universe?

13 December 2011 -
Higgs vs. hype: a mini-guide

12 December 2011 - Christian Science Monitor
Higgs boson: Has the 'God particle' been found?

12 December 2011 - The Guardian
Whether we find the Higgs Boson or not, particle physics is a benefit to us all

12 December 2011 - Ars Technica
Rolling the dice: understanding how physicists hunt for the Higgs

12 December 2011 - Physics
Strong Staggered Flux Lattices for Cold Atoms

12 December 2011 - BBC News
Have scientists at the LHC found the Higgs or not?


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