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9 March 2012 - CERN
A major contract has been signed for the supply of solar panels derived from CERN technology
At Geneva International Airport today SRB Energy delivered the first of the solar panels that will form one of the largest solar energy systems of Switzerland.

8 March 2012 - Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment
Announcing the First Results from Daya Bay: Discovery of a New Kind of Neutrino Transformation
The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment, a multinational collaboration operating in the south of China, today reported the first results of its search for the last, most elusive piece of a long-standing puzzle: how is it that neutrinos can appear to vanish as they travel?

7 March 2012 - CERN
CERN experiment makes spectroscopic measurement of antihydrogen
In a paper published online today by the journal Nature, the ALPHA collaboration at CERN reports an important milestone on the way to measuring the properties of antimatter atoms.

7 March 2012 - Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment
Special Seminars on the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment
On Thursday, March 8, 2012, two special seminars will be held, one at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) in Beijing and the other at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) in Berkeley, CA, to discuss the most recent progress at the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino experiment.

7 March 2012 - Fermilab
Tevatron experiments report latest results in search for Higgs boson
New measurements announced today by scientists from the CDF and DZero collaborations at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory indicate that the elusive Higgs boson may nearly be cornered.

5 March 2012 - CERN
LHCb experiment squeezes the space for expected new physics
Results presented by the LHCb collaboration this evening at the annual 'Rencontres de Moriond' conference, held this year in La Thuile, Italy, have put one of the most stringent limits to date on the current theory of particle physics, the Standard Model.

Particle Physics in the Press

10 March 2012 - Space Daily
Experiment Observes Elusive Neutrino Transformation

10 March 2012 - Christian Science Monitor
Higgs boson hunt approaching 'end game' say scientists

9 March 2012 -
Exotic antimatter caught in disappearing act

9 March 2012 - New Scientist
Neutrinos could help explain missing antimatter

9 March 2012 -
Exotic Particles Caught in Disappearing Act

9 March 2012 - RedOrbit
Daya Bay Scientists Observe Previously Unseen Neutrino Transformation

9 March 2012 - Wired News
Strange Effects: The Mystifying History of Neutrino Experiments

9 March 2012 - Wired News
Eureka? Evidence of the Higgs Boson Mounts

8 March 2012 - R & D Magazine
Daya Bay unveils the last neutrino mixing angle

8 March 2012 - Science Daily
New Kind of Neutrino Transformation

8 March 2012 - TIME
The Higgs Boson: Have Scientists Found the Mystery Particle?

8 March 2012 - RedOrbit
Microwaves Used In First Time Measurement Of Antimatter Atom

8 March 2012 -
First results from Daya Bay find new kind of neutrino transformation

8 March 2012 - New Zealand Herald
Shuttered LHC rivals 'close to confirming God particle'

8 March 2012 - Science Magazine
Physicists in China Nail a Key Neutrino Measurement

7 March 2012 - Science Magazine
Last Hurrah: Final Data From U.S. Collider Show Hints of Higgs Boson

7 March 2012 - Toronto Star
Higgs bosun can't hide: US research confirms 'God particle' results

7 March 2012 - BBC News
Higgs boson hints multiply in US Tevatron facility data

7 March 2012 - The Guardian
Strong hints of the Higgs boson from Tevatron particle collider in US

7 March 2012 - Reuters
Scientists at US lab detect hints of elusive particle

7 March 2012 - Science 2.0
Tevatron Higgs Results Confirm LHC Signal!

7 March 2012 - New York Times
Data Hint at Hypothetical Particle, Key to Mass in the Universe

5 March 2012 -
Subatomic particle discovery pushes limits of current physics

5 March 2012 - New Scientist
Tevatron collider's mighty boost for Higgs hunt

5 March 2012 - EurekAlert
2 crystals linked by quantum physics

5 March 2012 -
A traffic jam of quantum particles


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SRB Solar Panel - Solar field from Valencia (Courtesy: Maximilien Brice)

ALPHA experiment (Courtesy: Jacques Hervé Fichet)

ALPHA experiment (Courtesy: Jacques Hervé Fichet)

Observed and expected exclusion limits for a Standard Model Higgs boson at the 95-percent confidence level for the combined CDF and DZero analyses. The limits are expressed as multiples of the SM prediction for test masses chosen every 5 GeV/c2 in the range of 100 to 200 GeV/c2. The points are joined by straight lines for better readability. The yellow and green bands indicate the 68- and 95-percent probability regions, in the absence of a signal.The difference between the observed and expected limits around 124 GeV could be explained by the presense of a Higgs boson whose mass would lie between 115 to 135 GeV. The CDF and DZero data exclude a Higgs boson between 147 and 179 GeV/c2 at the 95-percent confidence level. (Courtesy: Fermilab)