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2 August 2012 - Brookhaven National Laboratory
MEDIA ADVISORY: Latest Findings on Primordial 'Soup' and Nature's Strongest Force
Physicists from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), the only operating collider in the U.S., located at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), will present the latest results from their explorations of the primordial quark-gluon plasma that permeated the early universe at the Quark Matter 2012 conference in Washington, D.C.

2 August 2012 - Fermi Research Alliance/Fermilab
Pier Oddone to Step Down as Fermilab Director
The Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) Board of Directors, which manages and operates Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, announced today that Fermilab Director Pier Oddone has decided to retire after eight years at the helm of America's leading particle physics laboratory.

31 July 2012 - DESY
A century of discoveries - Physicists celebrate centenary of the discovery of cosmic rays
A constant shower of subatomic particles rains down from space. A hundred years ago, this "cosmic radiation" was discovered by the Austrian physicist Victor Franz Hess. Among other things, the discovery laid the foundation for a whole new field of research: high energy physics - which recently gave us, for instance, the first experimental evidence for the Higgs boson. An anniversary conference looks at the past milestones of cosmic ray research and at future experiments.

Particle Physics in the Press

4 August 2012 - The Guardian
The beauty of the Higgs boson

4 August 2012 - Kane County Chronicle
Oddone to retire; Fermilab readies 'international search'

4 August 2012 - Worldcrunch
After Higgs Boson, The Spotlight Turns To Dark Matter

3 August 2012 - Science 2.0
Discovering How Hot Nuclear Matter Permeated The Early Universe

3 August 2012 -
Fermilab director steps down

3 August 2012 - Physics
Narrowing the Range of Possibilities

2 August 2012 - Daily Californian
What the Higgs boson means for the future of science

2 August 2012 - Chicago Tribune
Fermilab director to step down

2 August 2012 - Science AAAS
Fermilab Director to Step Down

2 August 2012 - Register
Higgs boson chasers: Now only 1-in-300 MILLION chance we're wrong

2 August 2012 -
New result from LHC reinforces belief that the Higgs Boson has been found

2 August 2012 - RedOrbit
Scientists Debate The Likelihood That The Higgs Boson Particle Has Been Found

2 August 2012 -
New result from LHC reinforce belief that the Higgs Boson has been found

2 August 2012 - Phys.Org
CERN teams post Higgs Boson papers - one ups its sigma level of certainty

2 August 2012 - Gizmodo Australia
The Higgs Boson Discovery Gets More Certain

1 August 2012 - Phys.Org
Theoretical physicists probe the Majorana mystery

1 August 2012 - Phys.Org
New vigour in quest for Higgs boson

1 August 2012 - BBC News
Higgs boson results from LHC 'get even stronger'

31 July 2012 - Astronomy Magazine
A century of discoveries

31 July 2012 -
Italian researchers warn of 'worrying imprudence' over cuts

31 July 2012 - Egypt Independent
Higgs boson: What's all the fuss about?

30 July 2012 - Discover Magazine
It's a Boson! The Higgs as the Latest Offspring of Math & Physics

30 July 2012 - The Guardian
Higgs boson: the definite article?

29 July 2012 - Wall Street Journal
Physicists Mine Cosmic Questions Underground


ILC Newsline

2 August 2012

  • ILC positron target benefits from Chinese technology
  • Report to build a new international science city presented
  • A crucial technical review
CERN Bulletin

6 August 2012

  • Now calling at the International Space Station
  • Celebrating a very scientific Endeavour
  • LHC Report: Summertime and the living is ZZ (and WW etc.)
DESY inForm

July/August 2012

  • Higgsteria: new particle observed at the LHC
  • The benefits of science
  • 100 years since the discovery of cosmic rays
  • Laser synchronisation record at FLASH
CERN Courier

July/August 2012

  • LHCf: bringing cosmic collisions down to Earth
  • A discovery of cosmic proportions
  • Domenico Pacini and the origin of cosmic rays
  • Studies of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays look to the future


The crew of shuttle mission STS-134 visit CERN a year after delivering the AMS detector to the International Space Station

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