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8 November 2012 - CERN
Second Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN laureate announced
Linz/Geneva 8 November 2012. The second Prix[1] Ars Electronica[2] Collide@CERN[3] was today awarded to the 65-year-old American artist, Bill Fontana[4]. With an international reputation for pioneering experiments in "sound art" that has featured in some of the world's leading arts institutions, Fontana continues to push the boundaries of his artistic work.

Particle Physics in the Press

9 November 2012 - New Scientist
Particle headache: Why the Higgs could spell disaster

9 November 2012 - Science 2.0
What Makes Particles Unstable?

8 November 2012 - The Guardian
LHC and Higgs update: Kyoto here we come

8 November 2012 - Inside Science
Possible Dark Matter Signal Spotted

8 November 2012 - Popular Science
Inside The Largest Simulation Of The Universe Ever Created

8 November 2012 - Cosmos
History of the atom, Part 1: The birth of Atomos

7 November 2012 - Nature
Particle physics: Going massive

7 November 2012 - Science Insider
Physicist Bill Foster Returns to U.S. House of Representatives

7 November 2012 - Decoded Science
Are There Dark Matter Black Holes?

7 November 2012 - CORDIS
'Underground Synergies with Astro-particle Physics: Multi-Disciplinary Studies in the World's Deep Underground Science Facilities', Durham, UK

6 November 2012 - Huffington Post
NASA Galaxy Animation: Star Cluster's Birth, Growth Seen In Computer Model (VIDEO)

6 November 2012 - New Scientist
Doubt cast on Fermi's dark matter smoking gun

5 November 2012 - Patch
Fermi Physicists—Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

5 November 2012 - Huffington Post
Is Light A Particle Or Wave? 'Quantum Nonlocality' Experiment Spotlights Dual Nature Of Light


ILC Newsline

8 November 2012

  • Building the ILC step by step
  • Viewpoint: Charting the future of European particle physics
  • Special Linear Collider Event during the IEEE Symposium
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CERN Bulletin

5 November 2012

  • All New For NA62
  • From The Jura to Japan
  • LHC Report: Production and Small Angles
DESY inForm

November 2012

  • Thank You Doris - Photon science community bids farewell to its workhorse
  • From proton magnet to photon magnet
  • Students search for particle tracks
  • Start for PIER Phd students
CERN Courier

November 2012

  • SLAC at 50: honouring the past and creating the future
  • Quark Matter goes to Washington
  • Deep-inelastic scattering enters the LHC era
  • CEBAF: a fruitful past and a promising future
ASPERA This Month
  • ASPERA ad futurum | 30 November 2012 | Brussels
  • Underground Synergies with Astroparticle Physics | 18/19 December 2012 | Durham
  • Multi-Disciplinary Studies in the World's Deep Underground Science Facilities
  • Doubt cast on Fermi's dark matter smoking gun
symmetry magazine
  • Voyage to SNOLAB
  • East Coasters brave Hurricane Sandy to keep neutrino project on schedule
  • Fermi telescope gazes through fog to count the stars


NASA Computer Model Shows a Disk Galaxy's Life History