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Interactions NewsWire #102-12
17 December 2012 http://www.interactions.org
Source: International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA)
Content: Press Release
Date Issued: 20 December 2012

International Committee for Future Accelerators announces members of new Linear Collider Board

Pier Oddone, the Chair of the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) announced yesterday the membership of the new Linear Collider Board (LCB), which as a sub-panel of ICFA will promote and oversee the development of a linear collider and its detectors as a world-wide collaborative project. The recently appointed Linear Collider Director, Lyn Evans, will report to the LCB.

The LCB membership is:

- Sachio Komamiya (University of Tokyo)

- Jonathan Bagger (Johns Hopkins University)
- The Fermilab Director (currently Pier Oddone)
- David MacFarlane (SLAC)
- Lia Merminga (TRIUMF)
- Hugh Montgomery (Jefferson Lab)

- Jie Gao (IHEP, Beijing)
- Rohini Godbole (Indian Institute of Science)
- Sunkee Kim (RISP)
- Atsuto Suzuki (KEK)
- Yifang Wang (IHEP, Beijing)

- The CERN Director-General (currently Rolf Heuer)
- The DESY Director of Particle Physics (currently Joachim Mnich)
- Francois Le Diberder (IN2P3)
- The JINR Director (currently Victor Matveev)
- Lenny Rivkin (PSI)


Roy Rubinstein