Toohig Fellowships in Accelerator Science at the LHC
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About Tim Toohig

The LHC Accelerator Research Program, LARP, is pleased to announce postdoctoral research positions in accelerator science for recent PhDs in physics or engineering. These positions are explicitly for studies and activities related to the CERN's Large Hadron Collider. The term of the Fellowship is two years extendable to three with mutual interest.

Fellows will be hosted by one the U.S. DOE laboratories involved in the LARP collaboration, with opportunities for visits to CERN as part of experimental efforts, commissioning of LARP-developed equipment, and for collaborative research projects with CERN related to the HL-LHC and the LARP programs.

LARP is a collaborative initiative of the U.S. DOE Office of Science, Division of High Energy Physics, and DOE Office of Science laboratories. LARP's mission has been the study and improvement of the operation of the LHC by helping with commissioning activities and by actively participating in accelerator research on the collider. In the next decade LARP will focus on the reduction of risk for the US in-kind contributions for the High Luminosity LHC and in the delivery and commissioning of these contributions.

The laboratories presently involved in LARP are Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The choice of resident laboratory for each Fellow will be negotiated, and will depend on each individual's chosen and approved research interest. The present activities of LARP related to the LHC Upgrade include accelerator instrumentation and diagnostics for a Wide Band Feedback System, advanced superconducting magnet work, focused primarily on the upgrade of the Interaction Region final focusing quadrupoles, and Superconducting Crab Cavities technology development. Beam physics calculations and simulations are part of the above mentioned activities. LARP scientists, engineers and postdocs, including Toohig Fellows, will participate in the equipment construction and beam commissioning at the HL-LHC. It is expected that other activities might become part of the LARP or US contributions to the HL-LHC as need and resources permit.

The Toohig Fellowships are in honor of the late Dr. Timothy Toohig, a physicist and Jesuit priest, who devoted his life to promoting accelerator science and increasing understanding, communication and collaboration among scientists of all nations and religions.

A recent Ph.D. or equivalent in physics or engineering is required. Please forward a CV and the names and addresses of three (3) references to:

Dr. John Fox
Chair, Toohig Fellowship Committee

Office of Science LARP
LARP is a U.S. DOE program, and is an equal opportunity employer