Event Starter Kit

This page includes resources and tips to help plan your own Dark Matter Day 2023 event on or around October 31, 2023.

Develop a program. Dark Matter Day is intended to inform the world about the importance of learning more about dark matter and about the many ways scientists are trying to solve dark matter’s mysteries.

Find dark matter experts to speak at your event. Need help finding a speaker? Contact us at darkmatterday@interactions.org for help in finding a speaker or speakers for your event, or see the list of global contacts.

Help speakers prepare for the event. Ask the speaker or speakers to develop a talk or talks about dark matter around their area of expertise and suited to the audience you expect to attend. Ask the speakers about their technical needs, such as whether they plan to project their presentation on a screen and whether they require web access for their presentation. Will the speaker attend the event in person, or remotely via video or audio? Consider holding a practice event where you can run through the presentation with the speaker or speakers. Will you livestream or rebroadcast the program’s audio or video online?

Promote your event. Submit your event details using this online form. You can also submit event details to darkmatterday@interactions.org. Consider promoting the event by notifying the local media and community groups, posting flyers, posting about it on social media, etc.

Be a part of the Dark Matter Day conversation online, and get updates on news and events, using #DarkMatterDay, #DarkMatterDay2023, #DMD2023.

Free stuff! Consider handing out some printed materials or other items to attendees:

·      Printed materials. You can prepare a printed agenda for the event, and you can also consider printing items from the resources provided on this website. You are welcome to use the Dark Matter Day logos, and to reference #DarkMatterDay, and darkmatterday@interactions.org in printed or online materials for your local Dark Matter Day event.

·      Candy. People in your area may also be celebrating Halloween around the time of your Dark Matter Day event, so consider stocking up on trick-or-treat candy to share with attendees. Even if Halloween is not celebrated, consider other giveaway items that fit with the dark matter theme: flashlights, glow sticks, etc.

More online resources for your Dark Matter Day event:

·      Visualizing Dark Matter: Images, animations, and videos.

·      Educational Resources: Help students learn about dark matter.

·      News and Experiments: Learn more about dark matter at the Interactions.org Dark Matter Hub.

·      Other Resources: Information about dark matter from NASA, science labs, and other sources.

Want to add a Dark Matter Day video trailer? Here are a couple of samples! You can add this trailer to the start of your video presentation or promotion for your local event, or use it in standalone form to promote your event online.

Dark Matter Day Logos, Design Elements:

Click on these thumbnail images for larger sizes to download:

Below are some logo samples. Click on these thumbnail images for larger sizes to download:

Or you can download a full set of logos and choose which ones to use in promoting your own local Dark Matter Day event. Have additional logo needs? Send us a note at darkmatterday@interactions.org.


Dark Matter Day Quotes Featuring Famous Scientists


Sticking with the theme: The intent of Dark Matter Day is to inspire and inform people about the science of searching for dark matter. Please note that the content of local Dark Matter Day events is the responsibility of local event organizers, and the Interactions Collaboration can't verify or endorse the content of local events. We do encourage you to reach out to the Interactions Collaboration (darkmatterday@interactions.org) if you have questions or concerns about the content at local Dark Matter Day events.

Need More Help?

Contact us: darkmatterday@interactions.org.