Particle Mysteries: The Coldest Case

Show Description:

The Coldest Case: The nature of matter in our universe has left scientists puzzled for decades. There seems to be more than meets the eye – significantly more. Open the file on the coldest case: dark matter, the mysterious intergalactic phenomenon that leaves visible traces yet itself can’t be seen. Learn how researchers around the world are pushing the limits of science in their search for understanding. Dark matter seems to be all around us, dropping clues while still evading detection. Laboratories worldwide host experiments that use cutting-edge science and develop new technologies in an attempt to uncover new leads that may help to solve this particle mystery.

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Joseph Piergrossi, Science Writer and Social Media Manager at DESY

Blaire Flynn, Senior Education and Outreach Officer at SNOLAB



Particle Mysteries: The Coldest Case is a production of the Interactions Collaboration

Producer & Editor: Andrea Munday at Xeno Media

Theme Music: Sebastian Szyszka

Music Production & Editing: Brendan McCormick & Andrea Munday

Research Assistance: Steve Sekula

Additional Voicing & Production Consulting by Aliyah Kovner



Federica Giacchino interviewed by Francesca Mazzotta

Axel Linder interviewed by Joseph Piergrossi

Flip Tanedo interviewed by Mike Ray

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