InterAction Collaboration Peer Reviews

TRIUMF Peer Review

In response to an expressed need from member organizations, the InterAction Collaboration has launched an initiative to conduct peer reviews of communication at member laboratories and other scientific institutions worldwide.

The purpose of the peer reviews is to:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of the organization's communication
  • recommend methods to improve communication strategies

The communication peer review is requested by the laboratory in question; the scope and structure of the review are negotiated between the laboratory director and the InterAction Collaboration to ensure independence, usefulness, and relevance.

The peer reviews use the Lehman Review format, a widely used review and evaluation format developed by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science. Using Lehman Review guidelines, the InterAction Collaboration appoints an expert peer review panel to evaluate specific sections of the organization’s strategic communication. At the end of the review, the panel presents its findings, comments and recommendations to laboratory management. After the review, the panel submits a final report to laboratory management.

An institution seeking a peer review may send a request to the InterAction Collaboration.

Learn more about the InterAction Peer Review process.

Past Reviews

Communications and Outreach for Science Laboratories and Facilities: Best Practice Advice for Directors, CEOs and Communications Managers

This report distills the findings of a series of international peer reviews of the communications and outreach functions of large-scale multidisciplinary science laboratories around the world.

Download the report