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Communications and Outreach for Science Laboratories and Facilities: Best Practice Advice for Directors, CEOs and Communications Managers

This report distills the findings of a series of international peer reviews of the communications and outreach functions of large-scale multidisciplinary science laboratories around the world.

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  • Dark Matter Hub

    Several dozen experiments are on the hunt for stronger evidence that dark matter exists. See a list of the experiments and learn more about the search.

Featured Physicist

  • Julian Borrill

    Julian Borrill leads the Computational Cosmology Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - a collaboration between the lab's  Physics and Computational Research Divisions to address the most computationally challenging problems in cosmology. His research is focused on deploying the most powerful supercomputers available to analyze observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), both to determine the basic parameters of fundamental physics and cosmology and to use as a backlight to the formation and evolution of structure in the Universe. After Masters degrees in Mathematics and Political Science, Astrophysics, and Information Technology, a Doctorate in Theoretical Physics, and postdoctoral research at Imperial College London, Dartmouth College, and Berkeley Lab, he became a Staff Scientist in 1999 and Senior Staff Scientist in 2010. He is the US Computational Systems Architect for the ESA/NASA Planck satellite mission, serves on the Data Management Committee of the Simons Observatory, and was recently elected co-Spokesperson of the proposed CMB-S4 network of ground-based CMB telescopes.

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